It's Time for an Album!

The time has come for the Northerly Gales to make their very first album!  We've been playing around the Twin Cities for over a year now, and we think it's high time we head into the studio to record some of our hottest tracks, tunes, and jams.  Why should the fun stop when the bar closes? 

So here's how it works.  In order to make this album, we need funds for: 

Studio time 
Album artwork 
Physical albums 

This adds up pretty quick, and frankly, we're not able to do it all on our own.  That's where you come in! You can contribute to our campaign by following this link:

But we wouldn't dream of asking so much of you without offering something in return!  By simply funding us and helping us reach our goal, you unlock a world of perks, gifts, and thank yous.  T-shirts, flasks, stickers, artwork, even a personal concert from the Gales!  All of these are available to you through just a few clicks of a button (okay, and a financial contribution as well).  Oh, and I guess the album, too. 

This album isn't going to happen without you!  Yes, you!  Whether you help fund our campaign or share it through the vast tangles of social media and the internet, we greatly appreciate your contribution!