Baby Blue Arts!

Back in January, we made the short trek out to Brooklyn Park to meet with the wonderful folks at Baby Blue Arts, a group of volunteers that dedicates their time to filming Minnesota musicians and performers.  We met them…Read more


We are so excited to share the cover of our debut album, "Together!" Follow the link below to check out the first track!

Album artwork by Carrie Finnigan!


The Campaign is Done

We can't begin to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to our crowd-funding campaign!  Without your financial support, without your help spreading the word, this album would still be nothing more than an idea.  Thank you, thank you, thank…Read more

It's Time for an Album!

The time has come for the Northerly Gales to make their very first album!  We've been playing around the Twin Cities for over a year now, and we think it's high time we head into the studio to record some…

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It's a Website!

We're proud to announce our new website!  Take a moment to peruse the various pages and become more familiar with the Gales.  Want to know about the band?  We've got that!  Want to see photos from a few of our…Read more