Meet the Gales

Tamara Maluda (Fiddle/Vocals) trained classically as a child, studying 12 years with the Suzuki Institute of Seattle, going on to perform with the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra for 8 years. Tam first discovered fiddle music in 2002 in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, and has been stomping her foot to jigs and reels ever since. She has dabbled with every stringed instrument imaginable, but the fiddle was always her first love. Tam currently studies Civil Engineering at the U of M and resides in Minneapolis, MN.

Jimmy Sherman (Pipes/Harmonicas/Whistles/Vocals) has been a piper with the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band of Saint Paul, a fifty year old entity, for over fifteen years. Within the band, he holds an officer’s rank and is the principal tuner for the band. While having learned Irish traditional music with the Boru, he has also studied Highland Piping at the College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland and holds certification from that institution. As a performer, his music has been requested both with the Boru and as a solo piper for years. He often collaborates with other local musicians and pipers and composes music as well. It can easily be heard in his playing the esteem with which he holds this ancient craft.

Randy Conaway (Bass/Bodhran/Vocals) slaps the bass and pounds the drum with a ferocity few can match. What's his secret, you ask? Few know this, but the source of Randy's rhythmic intensity can be traced to none other than his own luscious locks. Go ahead, ask him how long it's been since he's had a haircut.

Danny Schwarze (Guitar/Vocals) started down a slippery slope when he first picked up a guitar. Little did he know the influence those six strings would have on his life. While he mainly plays guitar, bass, and bodhran, he's been known to dabble in a variety of other string and percussion instruments. If it can be plucked, strummed, bowed or struck he will eagerly strive to master it. Based out of his hometown of St. Paul, MN, Danny is an elementary school wrangler by day, guitar slinger by night with a background in rock, jazz, Celtic and American folk, and classical music.